creating dream weddings, one bloom at a time.

Love Sparrows


what we do.

The Gist of It

Love Sparrows strives to deliver dreamy blooms & bring to life your Pinterest dreams. We bar-tend like a boss, coordinate weddings & our personal favorite....create flowery dreams. We love, LOVE and we want to deliver that to you. 

Do you like creative, wild and lively design? Is your idea of your bouquet filled with textures, sprouting blooms, and draping deep velvet silk? Do you picture your centerpieces to look like they are still sprouting left and right - growing right before your eyes. If you say yes, then I just have one last question.

Did we just become best friends?

After women, flowers are the most lovely thing God has given the world.
— Christian Dior


Our Promise

We'll deliver blooms we'd want on our big day. We'll put each arrangement together with our own hands. If you rent an item from us, it will be beautiful and just as described. If we coordinate for you, we'll be your bridal sidekick. Everything we do, we do with Love. We promise, for your big day, you will SEE our love.

I smell each bouquet, personally. It’s a tough job but someone has to do it ya know?
— Allyson Sparrow


Why We Do It.

There isn't a way to explain how you feel when you're surrounded by a bunch of flowers. There isn't a way to explain how you feel when you can make the vision of a bride possible on her tight budget, or how you feel when you see the day come together. We do it for the feels. It's all about the feels man.


Photo By: Briawna Meier Photography

favorite flowers

Perhaps we should tell you about our favorite flowers. 

Allyson | Loves butterfly ranunculus, pieres, and plumosa fern.

Shelia | Loves dahlias & ranunculus and pretty much all the greens in the world.


Photo By: Briawna Meier Photography

little touches

One thing we pride ourselves on, is little touches. Your bridal bouquet won’t lack them. We use silks and our favorite velvet silks that drape down the front of your hands.

You’re going to swoon, I promise.


Photo By: Jekalo Photography


We're quite the collectors. Vessels are an important choice when envisioning your wedding day. Get creative, or let us!

We love using golds, coppers, rose gold and metals.



You're always going to get a smile. It's us, we're the ones working your weddings, moving your rentals, and designing your floral arrangement. We can make promises, because we're the only ones who will be delivering them to you (;