Is Love Sparrows still doing weddings?

The Answer to that is a sad one, Nope! But, yes. We're finishing up with the current clients we have. During the pandemic so many of our couples were forced to cancel and postpone and it took a toll on Love Sparrows as a small growing business. We've decided to move on to a new future for our small business. 

How do I get a hold of you now?

Same ol' same ol! Email me, and I'll be happy to chat about anything with you. Most of my current brides have my cell number, and they're always welcome to shoot over a text as well. 

I'm a client, what does that mean for me?

Not much! Same services will be provided. If anything, our current remaining clients will get even more attention! We love that we're able to give our clients more postponement date options, and more time dedicated to helping them get through a tough time as well, planning a wedding in 2020, and 2020 Episode 2. (aka 2021)

How can I see your portfolio now?

You can check out a ton of photos on our instagram still @thelovesparrows - we won't be changing our instagram name and all of the wedding content that is on there, it will just start changing and looking more like a store, and less like a florist. But, the photos will all still be there, and if you need anything, ask! I'll gladly send over photos to you!

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