Flowers + Feeding Fams

Love Sparrows are passionate little creatures that lust to make an impact in the world. So I know we're just two gals and we don't have Oprah's bank account, but we can dream.

Insert, Rice Love. A company that gives back, one grain at a time. We've decided that from here on out - every new booking will receive a shiny little pin. A rice bowl pin.


Here's a tid bit about the pin - and how you are ultimately feeding families by purchasing our flowers <3


"Rice Is Life," isn't just a saying. The majority of daily caloric intake for over 50% off the world's population is provided by rice. It is critical to life. This gorgeously designed pin is a simple and fun way to say, "I care." When you wear it, you aren't just giving are giving life. Wear it not to brag, but to inspire!


You can wear this pin, point to it and say, "This pin provided 12 bowls of rice like this to a family in need." 12 meals equals 1 kilo (2.2 lbs). Indians typically eat rice three meals per day. This will last the average family of 4 people, 3 days. For every 25 pins that are purchased, 25 kilos of rice are given. 25 kilos will provide a typical family with about a month of rice! Buying this pin feeds families! 

The best part, you can track it. With your personal serial number you will actually SEE the family you fed <3

So, whether you want to pin it proudly on your bouquet, want it hidden in your stems or just to get it separately, just know that together we're filling bellies.

You and Me = RICIN'  IT UP.


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Allyson Sparrow