Photographers + Florists \\ Working Together


You know, those crazy people laying on the floor and climbing on top of tables to get the shot? Ya those guys, we like ‘em ALOT.

Floral designers rely heavily on photographers, and they are SUPER important when it comes to our work. Let’s get into more details when it comes to this working relationship.


The way we show prospective clients our work, is by showing them photographers shots of our flowers. The only way we get to see how the wedding went, is through a photographers photos.

I recently designed two of my most favorite weddings floral wise. The clients, whether they were on a budget, or just didn’t care, both booked fresh photographers with less than exciting work. I’m not knocking them, but it broke my heart to see the most incredible florals in cellphone quality photos.

When I book a new client, I love to ask who their photographer is.

FUN FACT: When you book a great photographer, I want to do more floral wise because it makes me excited to see the photographers amazing shots of my amazing florals.

Sometimes, I sit in front of my computer and look at my calendar of weddings I did for the last 2 months, and I want to cry because I don’t see any of those beautiful florals in action. WHY not. We’re free advertising? Quite frankly, I credit every photographer I get pictures from and when they’re helpful, quick or have great work I WANT to refer them to my future clients.

SO, I asked photographers on my instagram if they shoot clients SNEAK PEEKS. I recently had a bride who only saw ONE picture, almost 2 months after her wedding day.

(What made it worse, is that she had an “unplugged ceremony” so no one got any pictures that she could see the coming days/weeks after her big day)


  • 24-48 Hours (A few Pics) + 2 Weeks or So a full blog of sneak peeks

  • No Sneak Peeks, full gallery in 90 days

  • Some Photos within a Day or Two (some said 3 days)

I think this should be an important question to your photographer. My incredible photog (Shoutout to JPL Media) sent me a shot or two the same dang night. I found him on his break with his laptop out and he couldn’t wait to send over a photo.

You spend money on this amazing day, find the PERFECT photog to capture all of it.

Dear Photographers,

I’m Allyson and I’m going to speak for all the other florists out there right now. If you’re nice and send us galleries, we usually want you back at all of our weddings. If we get some peeks too, we’re gonna like you more. We’re posting our work and it’s your work. The more you send, the more we post. The more your work is advertised as well. Personally, I have an email that goes out to EVERY new client, listing my favorite photographers because I believe it’s SO important to pick the right one. If you don’t ever reply to an email about asking for pictures or you don’t tag me in yours, you’ll never be any florists recommended photographer. BUT, if you do take that time, we can be such a great tool in the industry! DO IT. Send those galleries to your florists, building relationships, friendships + free advertising. LOL.


  1. Book amazing photographers.

  2. Ask your photographers if you get sneak peeks, and when?

  3. Photographers, be nice. Send florists peeks + galleries PLEASE <3

  4. When you have an inspired florist, they want to do more for you. Book a photographer that brings fire to your florists heart.

  5. Photographers who are repeat amazing friendors, I like to make detail boxes for you. See it pays off to be nice (:

  6. The better the florals, the more higher end clients are attracted to the pics = you bring in better clients when your florists are kick ass.



Allyson Sparrow