Preserving Your Bouquet

Pick wisely babes, I’ll help you.

I often get asked about preserving bouquets and what I suggest. While there are TONS of different options, I think my favorite are a little less “traditional”.

  1. Muted Rose Embroidery

    Tegan Olivia Sturmer can be found threading your blooms on a hoop. She’s a self taught creative babe that has been embroidering professionally for 3 years now. Although, I must tell you she learned at the wee age of 10. So basically, she’s a child genius with a needle and thread <3

    You can check out her abosolutely stunning work HERE. The highest cost at just $120. This would be a perfect gift to ask for at a bridal shower or as a wedding gift from someone in the family.

    I mean, hanging in your home, next to a macrame, with the sunshine coming in. Sounds like my kinda wall.


2. Shealeen Louise

This watercolorin’ woman works wonders with a photo of your bouquet. Her artwork is something I could only dream of hanging on a wall in my home. It’s a bit more of an investment, but you spend all of that money on your wedding, why not spend a bit on the memories that will last a lifetime afterwards. Shea is a Nashville resident, and a self proclaimed Lord of The Rings nerd. She’s been painting + drawing most of her life, which is quite impressive considering I can’t paint a straight line. Her paintings really speak for themselves.

.If you like creative things, art, pretty things and such this one may be for you babe. Check her out HERE.

Keep your coffee and painting water far away from eachother. - Shealeen Louise


3. DIY

This options for my gal who doesn’t mind being creative herself. It’s really not one option but a few ideas packed into one little blog.

  • Shadow Box - Grab a shadow box on amazon, a craft store, your mom’s garage. It really doesn’t matter, but if you’d like to see my favorite, it’s HERE. Make sure you do this quickly while your flowers can still be moved. You may need to take apart your bouquet a bit depending on its size and get rid of a few pieces to fit it all in one box. Put in other keepsakes, like your wedding invitation or his boutonniere. The link I gave you has multiple size options, choose whats best for your items.

  • Hang It - I won’t lie, I hung my own bouquet. I walk past it everyday when I enter my bedroom and man oh man, does it make me happy. I know it’s not the safest way, and to be honest, as I look back, I wish I would have chosen another option. It’s beautiful, easy and cheap. Just hang that sucker upside down on a wall. But, the downside is, it’s not so safe. The flowers are brittle. If you brush against it, everything could break off in an instant. If this is your option, hang it somewhere safe, that you don’t think you’ll need to move, like EVER. LOL.

  • Gel Bead Preservation - This is an idea that I LOVE. It won’t last FOREVER but it will last a while and the look is amazing. You will need to be a little more DIY with flowers to feel comfortable. Grab a large airtight tub! Deconstruct your bouquet, grab your favorite stems and buy THIS STUFF. You’ll our this under your stems, on top, in the petals. GET IT EVERYWHERE. Make sure your stems are covered and seal her up! Wait 1 Week and gently remove the beads and your blooms. Dust them off a bit. You can put them in a shadow box now and they won’t dry out like they typically do. Heck, you could reassemble your stems into a little bouquet and put them in a vase on your mantel. It’s a neat option, honestly. I WISH I WOULD HAVE DONE THIS.


Ultimately, it’s something you should think about BEFORE your big day. It’s one of the most important parts of your wedding, it’s in all of your pictures, and when you walk down the aisle to see your future ahead of you, it’s in your hands. Cherish it, do something with it. YOU WONT REGRET IT.

As always, I’m here for you bridal babes, feel free to reach out if you have any questions or if you came up with an amazing preservation idea you’d like to share!

Allyson Sparrow