roses as big as cabbages

Marco Polo called them roses as big as cabbages, we call them Peonies.

You know what i'm talking about ladies and gents! Those long sought after gorgeous blooms that cost as much as the purebred dog of your dreams, or perhaps the first year of college tuition of a child. They're gorgeous, we want them...throughout every flower arrangement.

Peonies are hardy, they're dependable and beautiful. They are long lasting (8-9 days once cut) and once bloomed can make an arrangement feel full with just a few. Depending on the variety of peonies, these pink ladies can grow to be up to 10 inches! They can also come in every color palette, except blue.

Having them in your bouquet is thought to bring you good luck. They are regarded to as being a symbol of good fortune and a happy marriage.

One terrible quality, is that they attract ants. The sturdiness of these blooms is also due to the waxy nectar that forms on the outside of the flower buds. However you may feel about these critters, they have a beautiful connection to one another. Ants will eat the nectar from your blooms, and help them open and blossom into all of their glory!

Who wouldn't want flowers in their arrangements that are thought to relieve headaches, and even help with asthma?

The cost can indeed be linked to the desire to have them, but it also stems from the fact that these beauties are grown natively in Asia, Southern Europe and Western North America. 

Win over your guests, your eyes and hearts everywhere and add these dolls into your wedding. Their cost can't begin to compare to their beauty and durability.

Allyson Sparrow